We are proud to announce a total upgrade to networking capacity at the Best Western Bluegum motel.

For the non tech savvy guests, WiFi is a whole lot better and Netflix / IPTV is almost instant, in our 4 star rooms.

For the techies, we now have 2 x 100Mbps NBN Fibre connections, load balanced and distributed via a 10Gbps fibre backbone through the motel. Coupled with 7 x commercial grade AP’s and bandwidth limiting (5Mbps D/U) will give each and every guest the same high grade WiFi experience. All this and NO download limits or device limits.

Need a wired connection? Not a problem. Most rooms have a RJ45 socket as well.

We also have the flexibility for some guests who need extra speed (Up to 45Mbps U/D via WiFi) for video conferencing or large file uploads. Just see reception and talk about your individual IT needs when staying with us.


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